Welcome to le BEC!

We support those working in the Media, Marketing, Creative, PR, Social Media and Communications industries in the Québec market.

We offer programs in the areas of

Short-term Financial Aid, Career Support, Wellness, Workshops.

Our charity is supported entirely through the generosity of our industry community.
If you are interested in donating, or could use some support yourself, please get in touch.

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BEC Staff

  • Rachelle Houde Simard
    Rachelle Houde Simard
    Regional Director, Quebec & Atlantic Provinces
  • Nora Boussâa
    Nora Boussâa
    Coordinator, Communications & Finance

BEC Committee

  • Jack Latulippe
    Jack Latulippe
    Interim Chair
  • Laurence Delwaide
    Laurence Delwaide
  • Alex Landry
    Alex Landry
  • Mélanie Miron
    Mélanie Miron
  • Nicolas Presat
    Nicolas Presat
    Media Experts