The Students from LaSalle College create a campaign for nabs

As part of the Synthesis Project course at LaSalle College in Montreal, graphic design students are expected to complete an advertising campaign for a “client” to get relevant work related experience in the industry as part of their curriculum.

Lucie Hanachian, a graphic design educator at the AEC since 2010, contacted nabs to become its “supplier”. “I always have this desire to adapt my projects to the reality of work. bec’s (nabs-bec) mission and values perfectly match my approach and my teaching philosophy” she explains. The idea of bec (nabs-bec) as a client was first proposed by an acquaintance to Lucie, Jean-Hugo Filon, senior vice-president of business at Cossette. “Jean-Hugo is always very generous with his time with the next generation and often helps LaSalle College students carry out collaborative projects.” she adds.

nabs was delighted to partner with the students and be one of their first “clients”, as the students were asked to prepare creative concepts for presentation and use across Canada. The task? Create a concept for the printing of a series of posters (triptych) highlighting nabs’ mental health support platforms and adapt or develop their visuals for social media.

In total, 26 aspiring French and English-speaking graphic designers joined in the game to create an advertising campaign to promote three of nabs’ free services:

  • LifeSpeak, a digital library of content and expert advice promoting health and wellness.
  • ALAViDA, a support platform for substance use management; and
  • Togetherall, an anonymous and confidential peer-to-peer support forum to exchange with others safely.

The Synthesis Project course is in collaboration with Thaïla Khampo, who helped with the artistic direction of the French-speaking group including Damien Armand Balla Ekobena II, Francis Corbeil, Stéphanie Corral-Molina, Olivier Daigneault, Thomas Doyon-Provencher, Valentine Globez, Rosalie Guilbeault, Juliette Lafontaine, Justin Morin, Andy O’Hara, Richard Pion-Larochelle, Émilie Ramos-Veas, Chloé Roulant and Audrey Salaün.

“It was a golden opportunity to be able to work with an organization like bec (nabs-bec). I appreciated the opportunity to have a real immersive customer contact which prepares us for the world of work, but especially extraordinary to see a real project even the day, being published and used, all that within the framework of a school project.” —Richard Pion-Larochelle

@Richard Pion-Larochelle

Estefanía Triviño Pachón, co-teacher of the course for the English-speaking group, also helped to direct the projects of: Tara Coley, Andrea Katherine Diaz Santiago, Claire McGurrin, Nora Mejdouli, Nicolas Natsikas, Michelle Lea Simeu Kamgang, Haley Singerman, Zahava Sochaczevski, Ashley Tavares, Tetiana Voysovych and Olivia Wolak.

“Working for nabs-bec allowed me to exercise my favorite part of graphic design: working for a purpose. When the driving force of a project is passion and not monetary gain, it shows in the art and touches people more deeply. nabs is a great example of progress made in mental health awareness.” —Tara Coley

@Tara Coley

nabs wishes to recognize the immense effort of everyone and thanks each of the students for their time, talent and interpretation of 3 of our key mental health support platforms.

The exhibition of graphic design graduates from LaSalle College who participated in the project will take place at Bonsecours Market 350 Rue Saint-Paul E, Montréal on July 28 from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. and July 29 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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