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They say time is money and nabs Canada is turning it on its head.

nabs Talent Pool is a unique opportunity where freelancers have donated blocks of time to non-profits and businesses in exchange for nationwide exposure of their skills. Using nabs’ national reach, these professionals will have their talents profiled so they can gain exposure to potentially new clients.

As a direct result of the pandemic, there has been an unexpected shift in business which has also impacted the people who call on nabs services. There’s been lay offs and cut-backs everywhere, and our industry has been one of the hardest hit. The Talent Pool is nabs Canada’s answer to bringing it all back online – because connecting people is what we do. #PeopleFirst

Help us, help you.
Do good, for good.

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How it Works

Businesses can bid on banks of time donated by talented professionals in the marketing, media and communications industry. 100% of proceeds support the services and programs delivered by nabs Canada.

Recruitment of Talent

Are you a freelancer who has had a reduction of work in the past year? Are you looking to expand your network and demonstrate your talents and skills to new audiences? Would you like to be associated with the only charity that fully supports you and your colleagues in the marketing , media and communications industry? No matter what level of expertise you have, nabs Canada is looking for you and in return you’ll gain exposure through our national reach and showcase your talents in working with new clients (which may lead to future contracts).

Showcasing of Talent for Auction

Are you a non-profit or business who needs professional marketing, media and/or communications help? Have a project that requires exemplary skills? Bid on blocks of time donated by a range of professional who are graphic designers, web designers, digital media auditors, keynote speakers, sales executives etc.

So far, the following talent is available:

  • Digital Media Audit
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Interview Preparation
  • Sales, Career and Leadership Consulting
  • Keynote Inspirational Speaker
  • Photography Services
  • Media Planning
  • …and much more

Online (Givergy)

Donor Submissions start: May 20th, 2021
Auction goes live: June 22nd, 2021



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