nabs Parenting and Eldercare learning hub offers an extensive list of content regarding parenting techniques and information on supporting aging parents too. This playlist will provide you with expert strategies that can help make these roles a little easier.

nabs’ new Parenting and Eldercare Learning Hub is now LIVE and it offers an extensive list of content regarding parenting techniques and information on supporting aging parents too. Check out our expert strategies and all other nabs resources below to help make whatever role you play just a little easier.

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Parenting & Eldercare Resources

New Parents

New Parent Stress: Know what to expect – Article
Understanding Postpartum Depression – Article
Playing and Learning with your New Baby – Article
Guide for Choosing a Group Daycare Centre – Article
Parenting a Child with a Disability – Article
Kids and Mental Illness: Fighting the Stigma – Article
Quick Tips to Help Kids Eat Well – Article


Parenting Kids Approaching Young Adulthood

Proactive Prevention on Bullying – ENG Article / FR Article
Tips for Leaving your Child Home Alone – Article
How to Prepare your Kids for Transitioning into Life on their Own – Article
Congratulations your Child has Graduated Now What? – Article
Prepping your Child for Leaving Home – Article
Tips for Selecting a College or University – Article
Back to School Tips – Article
Mental Illness and your Child – Article
Being There for your Teenager – Article
The Big Talk: Communicating with Adolescents about Serious Issues – Article
Protecting Children Helpful Rules to Keep Young People Safe – Article
Teaching Online Civility – Article
Equipping your Kids to Navigate their Dating Years – Article
Digital Parenting – Article
Facebook: an Obstacle or Aid to Expatriate Children – Article
Ten Reasons Why Tablets are Powerful Learning Tools – Article
Tablets: The New Digital Chalkboard – Article
Tips on Balancing Work and Family – Article
Sandwiched Priorities Caring for Both Children and Elders – Article
Choosing Child Care in your Home – Article
Raising Kids to be Smart Savers and Spenders – Article
Teaching your Child About Personal Finances – Article
Holiday Budget Tips for You and Your Kids – Article
Sharing a Child Care Provider – Article


Elder Care

Elder Care Options – Article
Elder Care Sources of Stress and How to Cope – Article
You and Your Aging Parents: Understanding Different Stages of Elder Care – Article
Balancing Work and Elder Care Giving – Article
Long-Term Care Facilities and Nursing Homes – Article
Defining and Preventing Elder Abuse – Article
Care for the Caregiver – Article
Avoiding the Caregiver Crunch – Article
Caring for Your Elders: Assess, Plan, Communicate – Article
Helping Elders Stay Active – Article
Nutrition and Healthy Well Being for Elders in Your Life – Article
Seniors Safety: How to Prevent Injuries – Article
Seniors and Gambling – Article
Internet Safety for Adults: Avoiding Online Vulnerability – Article
Delaying Cognitive Decline: 6 Stimulating Activities for People with Dementia – Article


Additional Resources

Sunnybrook Pregnancy & Infant Loss Network – Website


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