A shortlist of all the amazing partners that nabs works with to deliver on our program and service portfolio.




Rodrigo Diaz

How to Create and Experience Magic in Your Life

International best-selling author, speaker, and mindset expert, Rodrigo Diaz Mercado, has worked closely with individuals, corporations, non-for-profits, colleges, wellness studios and students in various industries to enhance the individual’s emotional intelligence and through neuroscientific and mindful principles & practices, world-class learning programs, and transformational training, for the achievement of a more joyful, purposefully-driven, abundant life.

Rodrigo is the author of the book “Sleight of Mind – How to Create & Experience Magic in Your Life”. It is Rodrigo’s purpose to help you realize you already have everything you need to start living your Dream Life.

Contact: rodrigodiazmercado@gmail.com





Sharon Jones

Be A Better You

Workshop includes a copy of her book:  Tread Gently:  For the Emotionally Clumsy – How to Improve your Emotional Intelligence, Enjoy Better Relationships, Make More Money





Tonia Cordi

Storm, fog, chaos.  Life can be like the weather … difficult to navigate and hard to manage at times.  Even when the storms are over and we can see what’s in front of us we’re not always able to identify where we are or what direction we need to go in.  This is where Time + Space Solutions comes in.  Tonia helps people out of the storm and guides them in the direction they want to go – supporting them along the way.

Tonia walks individuals and groups through an integrated process of decluttering and organizing their lives. She identifies personal and/or business intentions, goals and barriers. Next, is minimizing life clutter getting in the way (time, space, digital and mindset) and then organizing what’s left. Lastly,  sustaining changes by shifting habits, beliefs and lifestyle.  This process balances both technical strategies and inner reflection bring awareness to barriers and patterns.

Tonia works with individuals and groups on:

  • Mapping out a concrete plan for goals
  • Overcoming barriers to changing habits, routine and lifestyle
  • Clearing clutter in their mind and lives
  • Focusing and maintaining perspective
  • Reframing negative thinking
  • Work life boundaries and harmony
  • Life management and mental health

Contact: toniacordi@gmail.com





Allison Woodley

Mind, Body, Spirit Mentor

nabs presented this workshop in 2020 (Take Back Control of Your Health Transform Your Body Through the Four Dimensions of Health) targeted toward the Women in our industry

Participants received a copy of her e-book:  Healing Through Self-Love

Allison offers a variety of options for presentations

Contact: allisondiazmercado@gmail.com

Jill Fagan


Today we are experiencing increasing levels of anxiety, worry for ourselves and others, job uncertainty and/or financial loss. How can we build the resilience needed to lead ourselves and others through these challenges and find opportunity on the other side?

As a mindfulness facilitator, Jill offers individual, team and company mediations. Mindfulness is not only available “sitting on a cushion”. Jill can work with you to create simple approaches that support your life circumstances and your well-being.

Jill works with organizations to provide an introduction session to mindfulness along with follow-up meditation sessions. She can also provide support for companies to establish and maintain their own Mindfulness practice for work.

Contact: 4jillfagan@gmail.com

Melissa Lloyd

Doodle Lovely

There’s stress… then there’s “Covid” stress.

Employees really deserve a break from stress – we’ve all seen the signs – now the data proves it.  Health Canada estimates 11 million Canadians are experiencing high levels of stress at this time. This means the health and well-being of 1 in 3 of your colleagues is at risk.

Why Doodle Breaks™?

Spontaneous drawing is proven in its ability to engage the frontal lobe – your mind’s supercomputer. This also connects with the relaxation response, the part of the brain that is most effective at dealing with lowering stress, anxiety and overwhelm. This is why I have been facilitating using doodling as part of treatment for PTSD clients.

All this from doodling? I know how it sounds! Something we were scolded for doing at school now turns out to be really productive. Then again, inventors have always been known to doodle. The rhythmic action of doodling not only alleviates stress by producing a chemical response, it also heightens focus. Try doodling during your next conference call, it improves cognitive listening by up to 29%.

That’s why a Doodle Breaks™ is more than just a fun break, it invigorates the mind. In all my experience, it has proven to be the most powerful mindfulness exercise to deal with extreme stress and preventing burnout. Integrate Doodle Breaks™ into your next meeting or event – you will see the difference in your team members energy and focus.

Doodle Breaks™ exercises are designed to concentrate on areas of self-improvement during short breaks from work. Learn to take Doodle Breaks™ at any point of your day, helping you rise to every challenge; stress, burnout and creative thinking!

What are the benefits of Doodle Breaks™?

  • Calms your mind, improves focus
  • Provides clarity and ignites creativity
  • Gives you a happiness boost
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps you sleep better






Ale Diaz

Author, Coach, Personal Trainer

Energy in Motion:  Understanding physical pain, stuck negative emotions and the power of movement to transform them

Movement is NOT about doing exercise. Movement is about the birthright every individual has, to move in all ways, always. Movement should be fluid and painless, however the demands of our working life and need for income have restricted our bodies and our minds to the point of movement amnesia which results in various forms of pain: physical, mental and emotional. My mission is to spark awareness in the minds of participants and provide a system adequate to their needs, especially in times of challenging restrictions. The purpose of my presentation is for my audience to create rapport with their own body and are enticed to join me for the movement segments.

Author Energy in Motion: Your Body as a Vehicle to Transform Your Life: VIDEO






Monique Madan

Financial Seminars

Monique has been nabs trusted financial counsellor and advisor to nabs clients for more than ten years.  She has led many workshops for nabs, and for other organizations in Canada.






Cassidy Thedorf

Meditation and Mindfulness

Cassidy is a meditation and mindfulness teacher, practicing in Toronto and area. She is certified in both the Foundations of Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation, as well as the Applied Specialization in Mindfulness Meditation, both through the University of Toronto. Cassidy is also certified in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) with Mental Health First Aid Canada. She has had the pleasure of teaching meditation to the Toronto Raptors, Toronto FC, Toronto Argos coaching staff, and alongside author Cleo Wade.

Cassidy has deepened her practice during travels to India, Bali, Thailand, Big Sur, and other destinations with deep roots in meditation. Today, you can find Cassidy guiding meditation around downtown Toronto, including at Home at 430 Adelaide St W.

Contact: cassidy@justbemeditation.ca
Website: justbemeditation.ca





Anna Wells

Leadership Coach & Strategic Thinking Partner

Helping Your People Excel. Advertising, Media, Marketing, Sales, & AdTech
On a mission to create “People First Cultures’. One Person at a time.

Leadership Coach | Talent Audits | Employee Needs Analysis Strengths Assessments | Communication Skills | Collaborative Leadership| Customized Workshops | Your People Partner

“I believe that creating change is successful when our own personal development & structured learning is aligned, resulting in an ‘ action momentum’ to accept & make change happen more effectively. As a Certified & Trained Leadership Coach, I work with Mid-level – Executive level employees & teams. In my practice I focus your awareness on your Leadership Strengths to help you navigate today’s business complexities with brilliance and confidence. If you’d like a complimentary 30 minute chat about what we can achieve together, please contact me directly and we can explore the possibilities.

Contact: annawells979@gmail.com Phone: (416) 986-7910


Erin Dixon

Management Consultant

Erin helps organizations maximize growth through optimizing health and wellness program design and execution, strategic account management, business development and operations. Her areas of specialization include: workplace mental health & wellness, student mental health & wellness, private & public sector engagements, and digital health.

Erin’s service offering falls into several main categories:

  • Strategy: Strategic Planning, Customer Growth and Retention, Strategic Partnerships, Consultative Sales
  • Program Management: Program Design, Implementation Management and Execution, Project Management, Marketing and Communications
  • Operational Effectiveness: Strategic Account Management and Customer Success, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Customer Reporting, Leadership and Development

Contact: erin_dixon@outlook.com


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