nabs Partners with ALAViDA

nabs announces partnership with ALAViDA to deliver virtual, evidence based substance use management and support to its community

Toronto, ON: March 1, 2022 – As an extension to its growing mental health and wellbeing supports nabs is now providing its community members with free access to ALAViDA a LifeSpeak Inc. company (TSX: for a modern approach to substance use management ALAViDA help s fill the gap for unaddressed alcohol and drug use in the workplace by guiding and supporting individuals’ pre disability with confidential evidence based resources accessible from any smartphone

“nabs continues to carefully monitor the effects of the ongoing pandemic on its community noted Louise Berube, Director, Allocations and Services at nabs. Concern for people’s uneasy relationship with substances including alcohol sparked a new opportunity for us to provide our community with the tools to evaluate how substances like alcohol are affecting their lives People have strived to do their best over the past couple of years and as we emerge from a n historic pandemic they will be looking at their lives with a desire to make positive changes. ALAViDA provides a great opportunity for anyone to confidentially explore substance use and make desirable changes.”

ALAViDA provides a one stop shop of virtual care solutions an d resources for substance use issues ranging from mild to moderate and severe These services can be access ed confidentially, without fear of shame or stigma and without interruption to work. The platform can be used as a preemptive strike against the well known health impacts of prolonged alcohol and substance use by offering real solutions to people who need the assistance of physicians, psychotherapy (iCBT), medication management strategies and virtual rehab.

Sunil Sekhar, Board Member of nabs and VP Human Resources at FCB Canada added, “Our industry’s culture has normalized alcohol use to celebrate a win, a long week, or any type of milestone event. Many agencies are taking deliberate steps to make their workplaces more inclusive for employees who do not drink and destigmatizing the reasons someone may make this lifestyle choice. nabs adding ALAViDA to their services platform is timely and helps reduce the stigma around substance use.”

Since its inception as a registered charitable organization in 1983, nabs has been supporting employees in Canada as a way of ensuring nabs eligible population have access to relevant mental health supports when they need them most. According to t he Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research substance use cost s Canadian businesses approximately $15.7 billion each year in absences, lost productivity and disability claims.

“Studies have shown that one in five Canadians say they are drinking more, yet it’s estimated that only ten percent seek treatment due to the stigma associated with alcohol or drug use,” says Elliot Stone, President of ALAViDA, a LifeSpeak company. “nabs is a long-time client of our parent company, LifeSpeak. nabs aligns with ALAViDA in that we both put people first. ALAViDA’s stigma-free, easy to access program allows employees to seek help sooner from the privacy of their smartphones. Supporting individuals to thrive means offering the resources that allow them to take charge of their life. Like any other potentially life-threatening disorder, catching it early and offering evidence-based, confidential and easy-to-access treatment is key to increase chances that people will reach out before there’s a crisis, and the treatment will be successful.”


ALAViDA, part of the LifeSpeak Inc. (TSX: LSPK) family of companies, is a leading virtual care provider focused on the science of substance use management. It offers a one-stop-shop approach for any level of substance use disorder – alcohol and drugs – mild, moderate and severe. ALAViDA connects patients with behavioural coaches, therapists and physicians who work as a team to deliver personalized care right to their smartphones. ALAViDA is an employee benefit with varying plans and personalized therapeutic programs, which has proven to minimize time out of the workplace. Traditional rehab often costs $30,000 or more a month. ALAViDA’s program is a mere fraction of that. More than 79 per cent of those signed on reported increased control and 86 per cent reduced substance use. To learn more visit or contact

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