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nabs needs your support now more than ever; launches $200K fall fundraising drive

Toronto, ON, September 25, 2020 – Denise Rossetto, Chair of nabs and Jay Bertram, Executive Director, this week announced the launch of a national campaign to raise $200,000.00 by year end.

“For 37 years, nabs has been there to provide unwavering and generous support to people and families in our industry.  In times of illness, strife, economic downturns and consolidation, nabs has rallied to ensure free access to programs, mental health professionals and financial support in times of crisis. We have been there for over 50,000 individuals supporting them during their time of need” said Denise Rossetto.

Jay Bertram explained further, “The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted our ability to raise funds through our traditional events and corporate donations. We anticipate that this trend will continue well into 2021 with all the uncertainty related to the pandemic. While we are actively pivoting to move more of our events to a virtual format, and new ways to raise funds for our charity, the numbers speak for themselves.”

Bertram continued, “In 2020 nabs has supported a record number of individuals and families and the numbers continue to grow. nabs now needs your support to help raise $200,000.00 to ensure critical programs and services are there for our people. The time has come for our industry to put #nabsfirst so we can continue to put #peoplefirst.”

Industry leaders agree. As Serge Rancourt of No Fixed Address recently stated, “We are fortunate for the leadership NABS is taking during the COVID-19 crisis. They have been and continue to be, totally committed to be the human voice of our industry during the biggest crisis of our lifetimes. With the additional volume of work that NABS is experiencing, the need for funding has never been greater.”

Tyler Turnbull of FCB also recently stated, “While we all handled the realities of COVID inside our agencies in our own way, everyone agreed on one thing – the importance of investing in nabs and putting our people first. For a long time, nabs has been there for the people of our industry when they need it most. They have an unbelievable support system that is designed to do one thing – help. We need to support one another in any way we can and nabs has proven day in and day out that they are the top organization in the country to do just that.”

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