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nabs Marketplace 2020

The October Auction of incredible work is now Open – socially distant and online.

nabs marketplace celebrates the artistic talents of our industry friends who found inspiring ways to keep their creative juices flowing during an unexpected pandemic. These featured artists donated their work to nabs to help raise critical funds so we can continue to offer services to support the industry friends and families impacted by the ongoing health crisis.

There are 31 incredible pieces of art up for auction during the month of October with bidding starting on October 15th. Bidding will continue on this first wave of work, finishing on October 31st at 4PM EST. Much of the work being showcased has been generously donated by artists that never sell their work to the public, so make sure to take a look before time runs out.

nabs is deeply grateful for these artists: Alan McKee, Bob Hambly, Bruce Neve, Caitlin Neve, David Cairns, David McDonald, Eric Blais, Frank Palmer, Garth Armstrong, Gary Holme, Geoffrey Roche, George Longley, Graham Lee, Greg Stevenson, Jack Neary, Jacquie Comrie, Joanne Caza, Joseph Marranca, Ken Gamage, Kimberly Presnail, Marita Olcese, Mark Roberts, Mike Sipley, Penny Taylor, Rachel Kwok, Ric Fednya, Robin Heisey, Robin Kachuck, Roger Hill, Rosey Li, Ryan Hewgill, Sandra Kennedy, Shannon Lewis, Stuart Godfrey, Ted Rosnick, Vanessa Cuartas, Vijay Chandramohan, Viraj Ponkshe, and more being added every day.

2020 nabs Marketplace

Take a look at all of the incredible work available during both the month's of October and November.

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