nabs Announces Board Changes

nabs announces addition of four new national board members and new portfolio appointments

Toronto, ON: September 15, 2021 – Rosetta Heckhausen and Tom Shipman, interim co-Chairs of nabs national board of directors, announced today the addition of four new directors, unanimously approved at the August 19, 2021 Board of Directors meeting. They are:

Alan Dark
SVP, Chief Revenue Officer, Rogers
Director at Large, Media Sale Co-Lead

Cynthia Fleming
Marketing & Media Professional
Director at Large, Governance Co-lead

Mike Searson
VP Local Revenue, Corus Entertainment Inc.
Director at Large, Governance Co-Lead

Sunil Sekhar
VP Human Resources, FCB
Director at Large, Programs & Services Co-Lead

Rosetta Heckhausen noted, “When Tom and I were appointed to our co-chair roles, we were facing challenging times in an uncertain Covid reality as our events-based fundraisers continue to be significantly impacted. We immediately focused on two priorities, to pursue new revenue opportunities and to ensure programming and services are serving the changing needs of our community. To achieve these goals, we decided to expand and diversify our board to deepen its industry knowledge and expertise”.

Tom Shipman added, “The nabs Media Sale is our biggest source of revenue and we know the addition of experienced media leaders like Alan, Cynthia and Mike will be paramount as we explore new revenue streams to ensure that we can continue to provide essential programs and services”.

“As we slowly begin to emerge from 18 months of a global pandemic, nabs will be diligently working to effectively respond to the quickly changing landscape”, Rosetta stated, “Sunil brings a wealth of industry experience and HR leadership to his new role, and he will be a tremendous asset to nabs as we assess and adapt programs to help ensure people are equipped to handle potential career and/or personal challenges they may be facing.”

Rosetta further added, “The new board members will work closely with our existing board members ( listed below) over the next few months as they complete their onboarding and help us build nabs’ strategic plan with the staff.”

“We are so grateful to have the support of this incredible volunteer board of directors. As we shape nabs future, looking forward to our 40th birthday in 2023, input from the industry at various levels is critically important,” Tom acknowledged, “The dedication and tireless commitment of our board directors and the many committee volunteers is boundless, and we thank them for their many contributions to date”.

nabs National Board of Directors

Rosetta Heckhausen
VP Communications, FITC
Interim Co-Chair, Programs & Services Co-Lead

Tom Shipman
Director of Strategic Solutions, Mediology
Interim Co-Chair, nabs West Board Chair

Samia Chebeir
President, FCB Montreal
Director at Large, bec Board Chair

Boris Cho
Senior Director of Strategy, Midas Exchange, Group M
Director at Large, Central Committee Lead

Perry MacDonald
VP, Advertising Sales and Partnerships, Bell Media
Director at Large, Media Sale Co-Lead

Alexandra Panousis
CEO & Chair Dentsu Media Canada, Dentsu International CEO, Carat
Director at Large

Vito Rezza
CFO, Jam3
Director at Large, Treasurer

Kate Torrance
VP Brand Strategy & Communications, Sick Kids Foundation
Director at Large, Marketing Lead

Par Mark Neves


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