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Mindful May

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Join us every Wednesday at noon for a series of 15-minute Wellness Wednesday sessions to take a much deserved mental break. Each Wednesday at Noon, a wellness ninja will lead in a 15-minute life hack.

How will it work? Sign up for these events, and you’ll be sent a calendar invite with a webinar link. Join each Wednesday wearing comfortable clothes as some sessions will involve moving around or light stretching. Sessions will run from 12:00 to 12:20 pm (PST) each day.

You don’t get to work in this industry and not be busy. For fifteen minutes each Wednesday in May, let’s make it ok to focus on ourselves and ease the stress. Let’s make it cool to practice a little self-care.

Hosted on ZOOM

May 5th, 2021- May 26th 2021
12:00 – 12:20pm PST

May 5 – Tired Eyes
Dr. Shailinder Bhullar
Look Optometry

Dr. S Bhullar is going to start off our series with a special segment to discuss healthy vision. Amidst the pandemic, screen times are way up and the blue light radiating from our laptop screens, televisions, and cellphones are detrimental to our eye health. Learn what to do to mitigate your chances of experiencing myopia and tips and tricks to keep your eyes healthy, and your vision clear.

May 12 – Fit and Fun at work!
Michael Lam, B.H.K., MPT, IMS
Trifecta Rehab

Are you exhausted after work? Do you find it challenging to be active once you get home? Are you looking for ways to get active? Getting physically active and keeping injuries away doesn’t have to be hard! This workshop will go through some very simple ways to prevent pains, stiffness and aches that you might experience at work, all in the comfort of your office chair. We’ll touch on some different reasons why you may feel stiff/sore at work, and how we can get you moving!

May 19 – Empowerment Bootcamp
Christina Sestan, CPCC, PCC MA (Leadership)
Citrus Coaching

In this session Christina will introduce participants to a few super quick psychology hacks to build a stronger sense of personal empowerment.

This won’t be fluff or pie in the sky or motivational cookie cutter approaches, but rather well-researched and practiced techniques for getting out in front of the negative and anxiety-ridden thought parade.

May 26 – Mindfulness: Bringing out our Inner Zen
Patricia Ruiz, Registered Clinical Counsellor
Dr. Joti Samra, R. Psych. & Associates

Pop culture might have led you to believe that mindfulness is about sitting still, closing your eyes, and trying to clear all thoughts from your mind. Although this can certainly be one way we can approach mindfulness, mindfulness at its core is about increasing our attention to the here and now – and focusing intently on the present moment. In fact, mindfulness is a practice that can be applied in your day-to-day life and does not require you to set aside any special dedicated time. In this session, attendees will understand what mindfulness is, and gain useful skills and strategies for implementing active mindfulness into their day-to-day work and personal lives.

Join us every Wednesday

Each Wednesday at Noon, a wellness ninja will lead in a 15-minute life hack.

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