A collection of other resources made available by our incredible partners to help support industry professionals during the current crisis.


Mental Well-Being In the Era of COVID-19

Our partners at Sklar Wilton & Associates have developed a library of downloadable resources to help business leaders start the conversation and champion mental health best practices in their workplaces. This is part of their Headway initiative which is Canada-wide and designed to support healthy minds at work.

The Headway team make the case for prioritizing mental health in the workplace with their explanation of the impact that negative mental health has on the business:

“Making mental health in the workplace a priority is not only the right thing to do, there’s a robust business case for doing so. The business costs of mental illness in Canada exceed fifty billion dollars per year, mental health issues can cost Canadian companies up to $1494 per employee per year, and the social costs of mental illness are immeasurable. Morneau Shepell’s ‘Workplace Mental Health Priorities‘ details further statistics about the business case for mental health in the workplace. In today’s economy, which is based on human qualities such as connectivity, innovation, and collaboration, business leaders must create workplaces that honour and respect human strengths and vulnerabilities.”

They have several high quality resource documents that any employer can use to start the conversation:

We encourage you to visit their website at https://sklarwilton.com/headway/ to learn more about this incredible initiative and how to enact change in your workplace. 



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