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At nabs, we realize there are times we could all use extra advice, support, information or inspiration. That’s why we’re pleased to provide nabs members with LifeSpeak. You and your family can access expert, confidential information on a wide range of topics, when and where you need it. It’s an innovative way to help keep you and your loved ones engaged, healthy and inspired.

You get:

  • Hundreds of videos and podcasts. Curated and concise information, less than 8 minutes each
  • Online tip sheets with practical tips and advice
  • Topics ranging from physical and mental health, such as nutrition, sleep and exercise to anxiety and depression. Many professional development topics, relationships, personal finances, and raising children are available too.
  • Monthly ‘Ask the Expert’ web chats where our leading experts answer your own questions

Videos can be viewed any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere, on your laptop, smartphone or tablet …completely anonymously.

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Campaign Month: Nurturing Your Family Relationships

Whether it’s a new friendship, the birth of a child, or a budding romance, we generally try to put our best foot forward when connecting with others for the first time. However, as those relationships evolve, the bonds we share can sometimes become strained – or even broken. This month’s campaign is all about developing healthier relationships, particularly among family members, by using techniques associated with conflict resolution, stress management, and care giving.


We hope these resources help you navigate complex situations and foster more fulfilling relationships with your family. Psychologist Dr. Joshua Coleman will also be joining our Ask the Expert webchat on July 17, 2018, so be sure to tune in at noon ET to have him answer your questions.

Nurturing Your Family Relationships Campaign