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Champions are advocates in their respective networks. From getting the word out on the various programs that NABS-BEC offers to fundraising for the cause, each NABS-BEC Champion is an essential part of the volunteer army that ensures the continued support of individuals in our industry. It’s also a great way to meet and connect with others while raising your profile and giving back to the industry.

Meet Our Champions

  • James Corbit
    James Corbit
  • Emilie La Croix
    Emilie La Croix
    Montreal, QB
  • Moumita Das
    Moumita Das
    Toronto, ON
  • Lester De Guzman
    Lester De Guzman
    Richmond, BC
  • Sid Dhingra
    Sid Dhingra
    Toronto, ON
  • Taryn Falisezewski
    Taryn Falisezewski
    Toronto, ON
  • Ian Feil
    Ian Feil
    Calgary, AB
  • Marie-France Gosselin
    Marie-France Gosselin
    Montreal, QB
  • Pat Francone
    Pat Francone
    Toronto, ON
  • Anli Guan
    Anli Guan
    Vancouver, BC
  • Katherine Lachance
    Katherine Lachance
    Montreal, QB
  • Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis
    Toronto, ON
  • Irena Lytvynyuk
    Irena Lytvynyuk
    Vancouver, BC
  • Hélène Maillé
    Hélène Maillé
  • Shane Martins
    Shane Martins
    Toronto, ON
  • Julie Petch
    Julie Petch
    Toronto, ON
  • Jessica Quong
    Jessica Quong
    Ottawa, ON
  • Veronique Rouleau
    Veronique Rouleau
    Montreal, QB
  • Tarun Shetty
    Tarun Shetty
    Toronto, ON
  • Gurleen Vaish
    Gurleen Vaish
  • Rebecca Vu
    Rebecca Vu
    Vancouver, BC
  • Karrie Werny
    Karrie Werny
    Calgary, AB
  • Derek Wheater
    Derek Wheater
    Vancouver, BC
  • Rebecca Williams
    Rebecca Williams
    Toronto, ON
  • Lakmi Henda Witharana
    Lakmi Henda Witharana
    Toronto, ON
  • Kevin Xia
    Kevin Xia
  • Davis Yates
    Davis Yates
    Calgary, AB
  • Mustafa Abbas Zain
    Mustafa Abbas Zain
    Toronto, ON

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