Monthly nabs hosts a 90 minute Career Insights series designed to help participants build successful lives and careers in our unique industry

Career Insights:

Customized Career Coaching

Sometimes the keys to your career development can only come with a little coaching help. The right coach should ask you the right questions, and guide you to the thoughts, actions, people and opportunities that will help you move forward in a meaningful way.

Trevor Cape has over twenty years experience mentoring and coaching professionals at all levels in the professional creative services industry, including executives, entrepreneurs, creatives and management staff. Key elements of his coaching include confidence building, self awareness, positive energy flow, resume building, networking, interviewing, ideation, strategy, and helping people take command of ideas and energy to steer positive outcomes.

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 11:00 a.m. EST, nabs hosts a 90 minute Career Insights series designed to help participants build successful lives and careers in our unique industry. Thousands of participants have gone on to advance their careers, and these sessions are invaluable to people in transition, and upshifters alike. Led by leading Career Coach, Trevor Cape.

Here’s how it will work for 2022:

  • 45 minutes on formal content (we will record this for future use)
  • 15 minutes Ask Trevor Anything (not recorded)
  • 30 minutes customized clinic and coaching for participants (not recorded)

Connect with Trevor Cape to inquire about coaching opportunities.



January 11 – Creating and Managing Your Career Plan

Ready to take your career up a level? Get expert guidance on creating and managing a plan to ensure that you are well positioned to advance your career with winning perspectives and a clear engagement strategy.

February 8 – Cultivating Confidence

Genuine confidence can play a significant role in the shaping of your career, and it can be built. Learn strategies to embody true confidence and make it easier for your next employer or client to recognize the strength and value you bring to work.

March 8 – Taking Command of Your Energy and Career

Upshifting? You’ll need to approach your career with greater command, carry yourself with new energy and adopt attitudes and perspectives that fit with where you want to be. Energetic transformation is at the heart of career transition, so gather the insights you need to make a shift and align yourself to the future you want.

April 12– Get Focused and Get Social

Getting focused and clear about exactly what you want to do next in your career and socializing it is key to attracting the work you want, and that’s best done with good support. Learn the essentials of social media so you can navigate this important area with ease and grace.

May 10 – The Creative Job Search

Transcend the trap of a reactive job search and get creative. Develop opportunities on the “hidden job market”. Connect the dots for employers and learn how to customize opportunities.

June 14 – How to Apply for a Job

Tired of being one of hundreds of candidates for a role and hearing little after you apply? There are better alternatives. Develop new strategies to apply for work and make it easy for your future employer to find you and engage your talents.


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