An Hour with Melissa Bernstein on October 20th

Melissa Bernstein, survivor of existential anxiety and depression; author and founder of toy company Melissa & Doug will share her inspirational journey from profound darkness to radiant light

As her husband Doug wrote in the forward for her book: LifeLInes

“Most people who start a toy company at age 23 with their 25 year old boyfriend and turn it into an enterprise the TODAY Show called “the Gold Standard for early childhood play” would feel content they’ve made their contribution to society. But that isn’t the case with Melissa. Although our toy company Melissa & Doug has touched millions of children, Melissa longs to connect with people in more a more direct and personal way. By sharing her story of salvation, Melissa welcomes us deep inside her soul and takes us on her journey, revealing how her LifeLines transformed despair into a beacon of hope. Who would ever guess Melissa, who seemingly lives a charmed and carefree life, begins many days the same way far too many others do, wondering if she will make it to tomorrow? Melissa shows us that when darkness descends, and it seems there’s no escape, there actually is a way out, there actually is hope, and there actually is a path that can lead to meaning and purpose.”

In her words in her book: LifeLines “I therefore embarked on the most terrifying journey of my life – turning 5 decades of verses and journal writings into the volumes before you. For although I had finally accepted living with despair and would no longer feel shame or wallow in pity, I would remain incomplete until the reflections keeping me alive all these years were liberated to connect with others. My profound hope is reading these raw disclosures held captive for ages will give you strength to escape your prison and find solace as well. For then neither of us shall remain alone, linked to a much larger, enduring force beyond ourselves. I am humbled and thankful to share my most vulnerable confessions with you now.”

Join us on October 20th at 1:00PM to hear Melissa’s story and learn more about all the resources that are available to our community to help us all deal with our own mental health challenges.


Par Mark Neves


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