Did you know that 59% of your peers reported drinking or using a substance and 40% of them said they would like to reduce or quit? ALAViDA is on a mission to help people reduce their consumption, and regain control in their relationship with alcohol or substances.


The following self-assessment is designed to help you assess your relationship with alcohol or  substances, and what kind of help, if any, might be right for you. So take a break and answer the confidential self-assessment.

Curious to know more about the link between trauma and substance use?                                    Check out this article HERE!

If you would like to jump right in and try the platform today, it is now available to our community. CLICK HERE to get started. 











ALAViDA TRAiL Features

The ALAViDA TRAiL is 100% confidential and you can access it on any device. In as little as 5 minutes a day, you can become aware of your patterns, triggers, and how you cope. You set your goals and reach them with:

  • Internet-based Cognitive-Behavioral (iCBT) modules
  • Resources available 24/7
  • A journal with consumption, mood and situation tracking
  • Asynchronous messaging with a therapist
  • Optional pharmacotherapy, if applicable
  • Virtual sessions with a physician specialized in substance use treatment, if applicable
  • A Virtual Companion to guide you along your TRAiL​​

Services are provided solely by ALAViDA. Your personal information will not be shared.


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